Revolutionary Pretargeting Engine lets you Your Audience

AdPersonam is the Graph Api for the Open Web

It's about evolving the actual Web Marketing

Spend less time wondering about who your web viewers are: AdPersonam will tell you.

Clusterize and Conquer

AdPersonam automatically Divides your Audience in Smart Clusters to Conquer data of the audience.

Get the Data

Through a simple Javascript you can start crunching all the AdPersonam Profilation data, before they land on your website.


Anticipating the needs of your customers is the easiest way to increase your Business.

Why we are so passionate about finding out Users behaviors and interests.

Data is Power. Every day the web serves trillions of web pages and each of those pages are a little piece of information about a user: which device does he have, in which way he is surfing the web, what are his interests. When we'll get to know this informations the new question will be: what's the difference between knowing his contacts and knowing how to get to his browser?

Get inside your Audience

AdPersonam provides you free accurate audience insights with detailed demographic, geographic and lifestyle information.

Amplify and optimize your Ad investments with insights on real audience segments.

AdPersonam clusterize your web viewers giving you power to predict the needs and interests of your audiences.

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Get AdPersonam data via JSON into your webservices, to Increase CTR and your business value.

With AdPersonam data you will start knowing your Customers before they see your website. You could implement Advertising Campaigns or A/B testing based on your audience. Your click through rates will grow by 80%

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Once we collected the data for you, here are 2 ways to use it:

Enter the AdPersonam Data Api.

With a snippet of Javascript placed on your Website, you will obtain all the data AdPersonam calculated about the user is visiting your website. At the same time you are pushing into AdPersonam more informations about which pages interests him.

Build Display Advertising campaigns with Pre-Targeting technology.

Predictive Targeting is the best way to reach the right Audience at the right time keeping costs low.

AdPersonam Ad Console

Use AdPersonam Ad console to Configure your next Display Campaign and to reach your audience, display your banners on all the websites of the AdPersonam network.

Predictive Targeting

Different GIF for each of your different products and will be shown to different clusters, optimizing CTR by 80%.

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Meet the Team

We are a passionate team of designers, developers and marketing experts with headquarters in Italy.

Pier Mattia Avesani

Co-Founder & CEO. Lateral Thinker, Brand Generator and Idea Converter.

Alberto Silletti

Co-Founder & CTO. Jedi Master, Productivity Keeper and Multitasking Manager.

Daniel Pettenon

Ruby on Rails Developer. Young Padawan, Tech-savvy and Responsive Design Master.

Nicola Riparelli

Developer & Designer. Ian Solo, Digital Aesthete and Experiences +1.

Pierre Scaramuzza

Data Scientist

Enrico Boscolo

Marketing & Sales. Young Padawan, Tech-savvy and Responsive Design Master.